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Meet Dr. Rick Kattouf II

CEO/Founder TeamKatToUF™, INC.

CEO/Founder teamkattouf™ nutrition llC

ceo/founder virTual gym llc

2x Best-selling author

named one of the world fitness elite® trainers of the year

named one of america’s premierexperts® in fitness & nutrition

In 1991, Rick started his coaching/training/nutrition business. As a sophomore at Kent State University studying pre-med Zoology, he was operating his business out of the World of Fitness on Rte 59 in Ravenna, OH as well as training clients in their homes and businesses. Cardio Boxing was one of the main workouts Rick put his clients through. He would wrap their hands, put their gloves on and as he held the hand pads & wore body armor, Rick would put his clients through an incredible cardio boxing/strength training workout. As the business continued to grow, TeamKattouf™ was born in 2004.

TeamKattouf™ has since grown into one of the largest coaching businesses in the world. Dr. Rick has personally coached and trained individuals in 30+ states in the USA and 10+ countries (United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Africa, Australia, Qatar, Maldives, France, Italy and South Africa). Rick has coached thousands of individuals from those looking to lose 100+ pounds of body fat to the professional athlete and everyone in between.

If you are ready to become the best You that you can be, let Dr. Rick and TeamKattouf™ help assist you in your journey. We are excited to have you part of the TeamKattouf™ family and for you to become the next TeamKattouf™ success story!

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